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We guarantee

an integrated anti-slip surface



Our showers are not coated with anti-slip liquid

WK COMPOSITES Is based in Slane, County Meath. We specialize in the design and production of custom Fibreglass Products.

The professional team has 20 years of comprehensive experience in the field of composites. 


WK Composites activity includes the design and production of fibreglass tooling - plugs, moulds and the production

of composite elements.

We also have a relationship with a company that supports CNC, with which WK Composites can take the technical drawing

to the finished part.

Our products ensure full traceability of all materials and components used.

We are currently the main GRP supplier for international minibus conversions EVM IRL and EVM UK.

The company's mission is to manufacture fibreglass products with the highest care for quality and safety of use.

WK Composites also strive to maintain the best standards of cooperation with clients and contractors.


Our team is constantly evolving, both in terms of new solutions and laminate production technology to meet the needs

of the market and meet the expectations of their customers. Find out more about our mission

Benefits of GRP Materials


resistance to UV radiation

mechanical damage.png

high resistance to mechanical damage


no corrosion reaction

75% lighter than steel equivalents.png

75% lighter than steel equivalents


water resistance


easy to repair if any damage occurs

no oxidizing effect.png

no oxidizing effect

High impact resistance.png

High impact resistance

resistance to most chemicals.png

resistance to most chemicals

Design Flexibility.png

Design Flexibility

Where Do We Use GRP?

You can make virtually anything from a laminate, due to its unusual properties. A great example of using these possibilities is the manufacture of elements such as hulls and decks of sailing boats and motor ,yachts, windmills with current turbines,GRP vehicle body elements, sanitary fittings, swimming pools, cabins, tanks, buildings, window sills, exterior decorative elements.

Upfront pricing
Anytime service
Qualified Experts


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