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Fibreglass Flower Pots

We use fibreglass for the production of pots.


Fibreglass is a very flexible, light and at the same time extremely resistant material.

It works well in both low and high temperatures, it does not deform under the influence of the sun,

it does not crack in frosts and is resistant to water and moisture, it is not subject to corrosion.

Fiberglass has a great advantage over other raw materials used in the production of garden pots - wood requires constant maintenance, metal corrodes, and glass and ceramics are relatively fragile.

Only Fibreglass has the characteristics that define the unmatched quality of products made of it.


The elegant style perfectly complements the arrangement of private houses, gardens, public buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants and offices.

It harmonizes beautifully with plants planted in pots and provides them with excellent growth conditions.


Fiberglass flower planters are an extremely practical and functional solution.

Apart from fantastic durability parameters, they are also exceptionally user-friendly.

They do not require maintenance, renovation, impregnation or any other special treatments.

In case of dirt, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth or - if the dirt is more stubborn - with a cloth with

a little regular cleaning liquid. No special purpose measures or regular treatments are needed.



An important element in which our pots dominate over ceramic or concrete pots is resistance to mechanical damage. As you know, ceramic or concrete pots crumble and break.

The resin coating on our pots is much more resistant to mechanical damage.


They are also distinguished by a very light weight.

For example, a concrete pot with dimensions of 60x60x60 will weigh about 80 kg, while the same pot made in our technology will only weigh 10 kg !!. This opens up new possibilities for arranging balconies and terraces where weight has always been a limitation.

The most important advantages of fiberglass pots:

- These products are made of durable Fibreglass, which is used to build yachts, which proves the solidity of the material.

- The Fibreglass is not covered with rust or corrosion

- Fibreglass does not deform even when it is subjected to enormous force

- 100% frost-resistant

- 100% waterproof

- 100% resistant to very high temperatures

- Any colour from the RAL palette

- resistant to UV radiation

- possibility of thermal insulation with polystyrene

- high gloss, matte or stone effect finish

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