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Bus and coach parts

 In car manufacturing, weight is known to be an important design factor.

That is why manufacturers choose composites.

Composites are lightweight, long-lasting and easy to maintain.Composites are used in the production of parts of the car body.

In motorsports such as rallying or drifting, many kinds of collisions occur frequently. Here, the elements made of these composites work perfectly. They are also used by car tuning, e.g. for the production of bumpers or the extension of a wheel arch.

Our offer includes the production of parts for the automotive sector - Motorsport, Bus and Coach.

WK Composites manufactures fibreglass auto panels, GRP body panels and fibreglass body kits to any specification.
We can reproduce parts of passenger cars, vans and racing cars from new models to replacement GRP body panels for existing cars.

When designing your bus, we can turn to the production process veils that provide a wide range of surface finishes.
We are able to make fibreglass parts with any leather texture available on the market.
Currently we are the main GRP body kit Supplier for international minibus conversions EVM and EVM Direct.

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